What should I wear?

We are much more concerned about what is going on inside a person, than what they are wearing on the outside. We dress in such a way as to honor the Lord. Our goal is not to bring attention to ourselves, such that focus is taken away from the Lord. Therefore, we do not have leagalistic requirements for how someone should dress. Do all things as unto the Lord.

Is there a nursery for my children?

We have a "family room" provided downstairs equipped for parents to be with their infants or wiggly toddlers. The family room will have a live stream of the service via TV (Coming Soon!). 

Is there Children's Church? 

Not at this time, but we are happy to have families sit together during worship services. We do not mind the sounds of children learning to sit with their families during church. 

What are Sunday services like?

Our Sunday services would be considered traditional. We sing a blend of hymns and worship songs accompanied by an organ, piano and acoustic guitar. Our pastor preaches expository sermons, verse by verse sermons through books of the Bible. Following the service there is a fellowship lunch downstairs; which all are welcome to attend.